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Rating Guidelines

We do our best to provide our readers with high-quality, factual information at GambleOntario. To guarantee that we keep our word, we follow a set of editorial guidelines that are critical to ensuring that our material meets the needs of our readers.

We strive to offer you reliable information on all aspects of online gaming and make all of the best information available to you right here on this site. We employ editorial principles to guide our opinions and review process. This means that depending on the gaming site we are examining, we pay attention to different elements.

Whether it’s a game, a software provider, or an online casino, we thoroughly evaluate everything we review. The editorial principles allow us to provide you with the best reviews.

How We Review Casinos

How Do We Review Online Casinos?

As avid gamblers, various things influence whether we choose to play at an online casino or not. We’re all unique, and we recognize that not all top casinos are for everyone. We at Gamble Ontario aim to make sure that our casino evaluations are straightforward and truthful. Each web element is broken down and given our experienced attention.

Valid Gambling Licence

The gaming licence of an online casino is one of the first things we look at. We verify that this comes from a reliable source and that the licence is still current. You can trust us never to suggest a site that fails to fulfil this particular requirement.

Casino Games Selection

Players are understandably disappointed when they sign up to a casino, only to find a limited variety of games. We don’t want you to be met with a casino games lobby filled with thousands of games that provide no enjoyment. We examine the game choices in depth to ensure that there is something to satisfy all sorts of gamers. It’s also critical to test games for defects and see if they’re mobile-friendly.

Reputable Game Providers

For us to suggest an online casino, it must provide games from reputable software developers. We find out whether games from providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go, and Yggdrasil are available. We also check the overall selection of providers to ensure that diverse game categories are stocked with great titles.

Positive User Reviews

We look for feedback from current users to get a true sense of what a platform is like. We consider both good and negative feedback. Each of our casino evaluations has a section dedicated to issues and honest comments for each site.

Terms and Conditions Transparency

Our specialists regularly double-check each online casino’s terms and conditions. These are typically a good indicator of whether or not a platform is worth your time. We want to see terminology that is easy to understand and jargon-free. We examine if they are reasonable and provide a decent deal for all gamblers.

Cashing Out

It is critical to receive your rewards on schedule. This is why we are very open about the cashout processing time in our ratings. These intervals should not be excessively long, and cashouts should be fully secured to protect personal information, transaction data, and funds.

VIP Tiers

For devoted gamers, VIP clubs may provide some wonderful prizes and privileges. When looking for a new online casino, it’s one of the most crucial components for many of us. This is why we assess what is available to new and established players, as well as high-rollers. We look at the terms and determine if VIP membership provides useful benefits.

Future Changes

A large part of our assessment process is examining each online casino’s progress since its introduction. We also take into account each site’s future plans and what they have planned for players, including things like the introduction of Live Games, new languages for support, and more.

Customer Service Quality

Offering expert customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is great, but is this help provided by certified professionals? This is why we put every online casino’s customer service to the test. Our assessments are based on reaction times and agent expertise. We also want to see players have access to help through more than one method- preferably via email, live chat, and phone calls.

Account Registration

Real player profiles are used to evaluate each online casino. This is the only way we can provide you with the most accurate picture. We use the accounts to check out the casinos and describe everything they have, showing how simple the procedure is and how long it takes. When critiques are called for, we provide those too.


The appearance and feel of an online casino have a significant impact. We mention it in our casino reviews to ensure you know what to expect even before you see it. Nobody wants to waste time trying to figure out how to make a withdrawal. We look at how easy it will be for you to navigate the site to make sure that a seasoned player or a novice can find their way around.

How Do We Review Online Slots?

How Do We Review Online Slots?

Gamble Ontario frequently reviews new online casino slots. We believe it is critical that we evaluate them based on these crucial characteristics that we will explain below. We play each of these games for real money in order to provide you with an authentic assessment. In our archive, you’ll also discover evaluations on the most popular slots featured in online casinos.

The Game’s Mechanics

We’ll tell you the minimum and maximum bets you may place, as well as the number of bet levels, paylines, and reels available. We’ll also tell you which combos to pay attention to in order to get as many wins as you can squeeze out of the house.

Soundtrack and Theme

Both of these crucial slot game elements are taken into consideration. Because an irritating and repetitive soundtrack may make or break your session, we’ll always give you our honest opinion. The richness of the symbols and general aesthetics, as well as the sort of slot theme, are all discussed.

Volatility and RTP

You can count on us to provide you with precise information. We also put each of our suggested online slots to the test to see how quickly they process wagers and give a possible win ratio. All that is in addition to disclosing to you the house edge (calculated by our specialists) and how often you can anticipate winning.

Maximum Victory

All our slot evaluations specify the maximum payout and the wager amount and symbol combination that must be used to accomplish it. This saves you time from having to go through in-game material and figuring out difficult pay tables on your own. We’ll also provide our professional opinions on the maximum win and our opinions on whether it’s a good deal.

How We Review Casino Games

How Do We Review Casino Games

When reviewing casino games, we focus on the most significant aspects. We examine a variety of casino games, including baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps. The possibilities are unlimited, and we want to make sure you have all of the requisite knowledge before you start playing.

Household Advantage

One of the most crucial elements to consider while selecting a new casino game to play is the house edge. This is why we make this figure explicit in each of our reviews. This provides you with a decent indication of the odds you’ll have to contend with when placing your wagers. We’ll also discuss the house advantage and whether or not the game has a good payout percentage.

Learning Curve

The ease of play is one of the criteria we use to evaluate casino games. We look at it from the standpoint of both seasoned gamers and those hoping to learn something new. We check if games include accompanying manuals for the playing process and rank them on their user experience and interface.

Online Availability

We thoroughly evaluate each of the casino games we review for mobile compatibility, taking into account flaws and convenience of use. We also assess a game’s accessibility and if it will be easy to find at the most popular online casinos. We can recommend a game to you, but what good is it if you can’t play it if you wanted to?

Winning Chances

We examine the house edge, RTP, volatility, and variability of casino games to determine their winning potential. We take care of the calculations, so you don’t have to. This provides you with a clear and accurate picture of how well a game could perform. In addition to that, we also include expert opinions on whether it is worth checking out or not.

How We Review Bingo Sites

How Do We Review Bingo Sites?

Bingo has been popular for decades and owing to online bingo gaming, this fun and simple game is attracting more participants than ever before. Gamble Ontario has all you need to know about the game, including how-to instructions for getting the most out of your experiences. We also keep you up to date on all of the secure and reputable bingo sites that allow players from your country.

Number Of Players

When we look at the bingo games offered, we always look at the maximum player numbers allowed in each room. Most bingo players consider this a decisive factor, with some choosing smaller games and others opting for the larger games.

The Value of Tier 1 Prizes

We consider the variety of prizes available in each of our bingo site evaluations. The number of rewards, their worth, and whether or not they are available to all players determine our ranking. We also look at the number of participants in Tier-1 games to see if you’ll be able to grab a fair share of the prize pool if your card is filled up.

The Website’s Reputation

We are aware that there are several rogue bingo sites, and you can be assured that we will never promote any of them. When we assess a site, we look at its reputation among other industry suppliers and the player community.

Variations on Bingo Balls

For some of you, a variation in the number of balls makes all the difference in this spectacular game. Whether you enjoy 5-line games or 90-ball games, we have them all. This information can be seen plainly in any of our reviews, and it plays a significant role in our ultimate rating choice.

How We Review Gambling Apps

How Do We Review Gambling Apps and Mobile Casinos?

In online casinos, mobile gambling is the most popular option for players to enjoy their favourite games and place sports bets. This is why we concentrate on gambling applications & mobile casinos guarantee that we test them on a variety of devices. Our app reviews are based on the following crucial considerations:

iOS and Android Compatibility

We constantly make sure that a gaming site is compatible with the two most common mobile operating systems. Our examination checks the app stores for each device and the desktop sites one might use on iOS and Android.

Bugs and Errors Check

Our professionals put the applications through their trials to check for errors and bugs. We accomplish this using a variety of devices to see how the apps perform across platforms and devices. We also make sure to employ a variety of operating systems and carefully examine player feedback online. We test a variety of various sorts of games to determine how well they run and report any bugs in our evaluations.

Excellent User Experience

We share our impressions of the entire experience in our reports, but we also consider what other players say. This provides us with a more comprehensive picture of an app to deliver accurate assessments to our readers so they can make an informed decision.

Desktop Options

When we evaluate a game software, we look at how well it works on a desktop as well. Apps must provide gamers with a variety of capabilities and alternatives. Many applications adapt beautifully to the desktop without sacrificing quality. We go through this in-depth in our evaluations and tell you how well they function.

How We Review Software Providers

How Do We Review Software Providers?

On GambleOntario, you’ll discover comprehensive assessments of all of the most well-known software developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go. We also examine the newest suppliers, providing you with all pertinent information and history on each. We look at gambling licences, as well as the legitimacy and quality of the games on offer.


You’re certainly aware of the most well-known software companies’ reputations, but what about upstart studios? We give this essential component an overall grade and consult with other industry experts to get a clearer picture of a provider’s reputation.

Games Variety

The number of games accessible is clearly shown at the top of each of our provider reviews. We also specify which countries these games are available in and whether or not they are limited in any way. Many of the games may also be tested for free using the links provided in the reviews.

RTP Average and Volatility

We start by looking at a provider’s most popular games, and then we go further by looking at the RTPs and volatility. We’ve included a chart with all of this information so you can pick a game that matches your playing style.

How We Review Payment Methods

How Do We Review Payment Methods?

If you’re looking for a new payment method or have recently acquired a new eWallet, you’ll find all you need to know right here at Gamble Ontario. We have evaluations for all of the most popular payment options, and we’ll even help you locate a pay-by-mobile casino if that’s something you’re interested in. We go through each payment method in detail so you can make an informed decision.

Online Casino Availability

You’ll discover a thorough list of all the finest gambling sites that accept a certain payment method in each of our evaluations. This saves you a lot of time, and you can be certain that the online casino you choose has been properly examined and approved by our specialists.


It’s great to have a full-fledged payment system that promises to make our lives easier, but what good is it if it’s difficult to use? This is why we thoroughly evaluate each payment option, learning all of its ins and outs before reporting back to you. With all the pertinent information, you can decide which one to use.

Limits on Deposits and Withdrawals

Using a payment method to pay for groceries is not the same as using it to pay for your online gaming. As a result, our payment assessments include both the speed with which transactions can be performed and the available limitations. For instance, high rollers may be interested to know which casinos accept large withdrawals and deposits.

What Happens To Unreliable Casinos?

Casinos, games, and payment methods that don’t pass the evaluations we stated above are never published on our site, and the casinos are added to our blacklisted casinos database so we can prevent users from going to scammy casinos.

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