Editorial Principles


We do our best to provide our readers with high-quality, factual information at GambleOntario. To guarantee that we keep our word, we follow a set of editorial guidelines that are critical to ensuring that our material meets the needs of our readers.

We strive to offer you reliable information on all aspects of online gaming and make all of the best information available to you right here on this site. We employ editorial principles to guide our opinions and review process. This means that depending on the gaming site we are examining, we pay attention to different elements.

Whether it’s a game, a software provider, or an online casino, we thoroughly evaluate everything we review. The editorial principles allow us to provide you with the best reviews.

Objectivity and Quality

We take pride in providing readers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. This is why we always make sure to cross-check the information we provide. By constantly checking in with the sites we cover, you can be confident that everything we publish is current and factual.

Readers can also trust that our team of experts is unbiased and objective. Because they are not affiliated with the sites they review, they are free to speak their minds and provide readers with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even though we benefit when readers sign up at the sites we cover, we are more concerned with making sure that your online gambling experience is all that it can be.


We don’t hide or obscure the fact that we are an affiliate site. This means we earn a commission when you sign up for online gambling sites through our links. We will never mislead you or even attempt to direct you to a featured site by telling you an operator is worthy when it really isn’t.

We merely give you all the relevant facts and information along with our objective and honest opinions. It is entirely up to you whether you sign up at one of our featured sites. We just want to ensure that you sign up for the right one.

Verified Sources of Information

Our valued readers can trust that any information we publish is confirmed and current. For instance, if we tell you that a site is licensed by iGaming Ontario, you know that the licence is 100% valid and up-to-date. We can guarantee this because we always check the source to verify our information. If we didn’t do this, then we really wouldn’t be sticking with our goal, and readers wouldn’t be able to trust us.


Our writers come from diverse backgrounds, but they all have plenty of experience with online gambling and the industry. They follow a specific set of criteria when researching and rating sites to ensure consistency and a level playing field.

With that said, each member of our writing team works independently. None of them are associated with the sites they cover, which allows them to remain neutral while conducting their reviews.

It is also important that our readers know that we are constantly reviewing our content so that it always stays fresh. As the online gambling sites evolve and change, so do our reviews. Therefore, we realize that a review that may have been written last week may already be outdated. As such, we are quick to re-evaluate and provide updated content.

Ontario iGaming Legislation and Industry News

Laws and regulations for online gambling differ from region to region. As such, we want our readers to have a solid understanding of the rules that specifically apply to Ontario. Not only do licensed online gambling sites in Ontario have to adhere to the regulations, but affiliates also have to follow strict guidelines. We are dedicated to being compliant and focusing on our goals.

It’s also important to understand that policies and regulations sometimes change or get updated. When this happens, you can count on us to tell you how it affects you. On top of that, we provide readers with added value by bringing them the latest industry news as it pertains to operators, games, payment providers, and anything else associated with iGaming in Ontario.

Corrections and Feedback

Even the most knowledgeable and meticulous people can make mistakes. Therefore, while we do everything humanly possible to ensure that the content you receive is fact-checked on many levels, we may need to correct it from time to time.

When we do err, we make sure to correct our mistakes right away. Sometimes we find the mistakes, and sometimes our readers and subscribers find them. Whoever discovers them, it is important that you know we will correct things immediately.

Being engaged with our readers is a crucial element of our success. This is why we encourage you to reach out and let us know if you disagree with any of our assertions. And we aren’t just referring to facts. We would also like to hear from you if your personal experiences differ from those of our writers. No matter your input, we want to hear it, which is why we make it easy for you to get in touch with us. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We gladly accept feedback from the community and answer all questions within 48 hours or less.

How Do We Safeguard our Editorial Principles?

We adhere to a strict set of guidelines that are set out in various areas of the Gamble Ontario website. By sticking to these guidelines ourselves, we can provide consistency and helpful information designed to make your online gambling all that it can be and more. Moreover, it ensures that we operate honestly, transparently, and with the utmost integrity.

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