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This operator is licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and operates under an agreement with iGaming Ontario (iGO). It is presented to you as it has passed evaluation criteria according to our editorial principles. You must be +19 to participate. T&Cs apply; proceed to the operator site to read before taking any action. Play responsibly.

πŸ† Description of BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

Note!: This is our review for BetRivers sports, if you want to find more about the casino section of this operator, please visit our dedicated BetRivers Ontario casino review.

The minute you log onto the website or app on your mobile device, it becomes easy to place your wager. The side and top task bars have all the most popular sports action, including live bets and streaming. Leagues like the NBA, NHL, NFL, and more take prominence as they are preferred.

You can access the dropdown and banner menus on a desktop computer and the mobile app. Players can simply click on the sport of choice, and all of the current games will move to the main box in the center.

Players can then click the button for individual games for more odds, including player props and so much more. Individual picks are added to the bet slip. Players can enter their wager there or continue adding picks to create a parlay. The more legs in the parlay, the greater the odds and the larger the potential winnings. Even same-game parlay options are available to place multiple bets on a single game.

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Competitive Odds, Live Bets, Cashout


This operator is licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and operates under an agreement with iGaming Ontario (iGO). It is presented to you as it has passed evaluation criteria according to our editorial principles. You must be +19 to participate. T&Cs apply; proceed to the operator site to read before taking any action. Play responsibly.

πŸ’‘ How to Place a Bet with BetRivers Ontario Sports Betting

There is no shortage of options available when betting with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook. It helps to know some of the most featured sports, the various betting markets, and the odds of playing at BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook.

Featured Sports

The featured sports are perhaps the draw to BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook. Though the sportsbook covers all major sports, including soccer matches and leagues, racing, and more, the real focus is on major North American sports leagues. The NHL, in particular, gets a lot of coverage, and rightfully so. There are preview articles for certain games and enhanced coverage of specific players. Fans and bettors will find enhanced value in the various coverage offerings for the NHL and specific teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs. What is cool is that there is coverage of Canadian Major Junior hockey leagues like the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL to provide all the ice hockey betting action anyone could want.

The NFL also gets a fair bit of coverage as it has become a more globally popular game. There are breakdowns of each weekend matchup with lines, player props, and more discussed. It is a great tool for bettors to use before making their picks on the weekend slate of games. The NFL remains the most popular sports betting market in North America, from Arizona to Ontario to Virginia.

Betting Markets

Another major strength of the BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook is the number of betting markets available. Of course, there are all the classics like moneyline, parlay, totals, and more, but player props and futures are also available. Players can even make same-game parlay wagers, placing multiple bets on a single game to make the winnings on that game larger than they would have been otherwise.

Sports Betting Odds

Odds are one of the most crucial parts of any sportsbook. Bettors looking at the BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook odds will find a quality offering across the board. They have some of the most competitive odds among any sportsbook, Ontario or otherwise. For instance, BetRivers takes roughly less than a 4% margin for their NHL moneylines. There are also fairly standard juice lines for basketball and football, appealing futures odds, some of the best prop and moneyline odds, and among the fairest payouts for parlays. The odds update incredibly fast, so if you like the line you see, make sure to bet on it.

πŸ“± BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario App

The BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook app allows players to bet on the go. It is available for download through the Google Play and Apple App Store. The download page is very easy, so you can quickly download the sportsbook app onto your device. It resembles the U.S.-facing app, including the same competitive odds, weekly offerings, and live betting, among other things. Another feature of the app is the geofencing software. This ensures that bettors are within Ontario before placing their wagers. The app has issues with performance from time to time, but it is generally quite simple to use. It also provides greater convenience as players can make their wagers anywhere in Ontario.

See how BetRivers Sportsbook app compares to other betting apps in Ontario.

BetRivers sports betting & sport markets

πŸ—’οΈ Types of Bets Available with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

Any player signing up with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook should be aware of the various types of sports betting available. Though there are far too many betting types to cover in one space, there are prominent ones that are worth noting. Here are some of the most common betting types available:

Moneyline – The moneyline is the simplest bet there is. Choose which team will win, though the odds can be much heavier for certain favourites, making the winnings much sparser than they would be for other bet types.

Over/Under – Each game will be assigned a total points prediction. This is the number of points both teams will score in the contest. Bettors can wager whether the total will come in over or under the designated amount.

Point Spread – In every game, there is a favourite and an underdog. The point spread is where the sportsbook dictates how much the favourite must win to “cover.” For example, the Buffalo Bills being favoured by 7.5 points would mean they need to win by 8 points or more to cover the bet. If they win by less than 7.5 points, the underdog will win by covering the bet. Points spreads are a way to provide more even odds than a moneyline bet.

Parlay – Parlays are a combination of different bets into one wager. A parlay can include point totals, point spreads, moneylines, and even individual player props. The more legs to the parlay, the higher the odds. More difficult to hit but requires less to win substantially more.

Prop Bets – Prop bets are all the rage these days. Props include individual player totals like points, goals, shots, and more. Prop bets can allow you to wager on games you aren’t certain about, enjoying greater drama without worrying about the final score. Prop bets can also be parlayed, including same-game parlay features.

BetRivers NHL House Specials

🎯 Tips for Betting with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

Any player, be it an experienced sports betting master or someone new to the scene, can do it with a few tips. Here are a few basic tips that can help make you a sharper bettor and give you a better chance of winning your next wager.

1. Start Small

This is especially true if you are new to sports betting. If you are playing with C$25 or C$50, making each bet no more than a few bucks is key. Sure, you might not necessarily win big, but you will stretch out the entertainment value and insulate yourself against cold streaks.

2. Stick to the Moneyline

Though the odds may change drastically depending on who you pick, the moneyline is the simplest bet method. With the moneyline, you choose who will win. No point spreads or anything else to worry about. It is a simple way to bet and takes some of the stress out of trying to figure out the more intricate details of a particular event.

3. Leave Your Favourite Team Alone

A major mistake that bettors make is wagering on their favourite team. Though you may know that team is a bit better than the average bear, it is the quickest path toward bias. Bias will cost you money in the long run, and you won’t see things quite as clearly as you would betting on a team to which you have no emotional attachment.

4. Look for Trends

Sports betting is a game of trends. Hot streaks should be followed, and season performance can be more indicative of the next game than the last game will be. So take a deeper look into the trends for individual teams and players to get a better idea of their long-term performance.

5. Treat it Like a Business

If you really want to succeed in sports betting, treat it as a business. Keep track of your results, learn from mistakes, have a budget in place, and try to make the best decisions possible to lead to a profit. Remember that the goal is to make money even if it isn’t a major profit in the short term.

πŸ†š Pros and Cons of BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook

  • Highly competitive odds Thumbs-Up
  • Great new player offerings Thumbs-Up
  • Excellent loyalty program Thumbs-Up
  • Comprehensive coverage for some sports, particularly hockey Thumbs-Up
  • Support is not 24/7 Thumbs-Down
  • The app could take on some improvement Thumbs-Down

πŸ’³ BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook Payments

Making deposits and withdrawals is quite easy with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook. The classics like Visa and MasterCard, the Play+ Card, and even PayPal make the process easy. However, keep in mind that PayPal may also involve fees. The banking options available are plentiful and make for a good gambling experience.

The menu lets you have different deposit options to fund your account. One of the favourite ways for many sports bettors to add money to their accounts in Ontario is the Interac e-transfer method. However, credit cards are also very popular with customers.

The transaction times are some of the best around. For instance, deposits are almost instantaneous, allowing players to get right to the betting. Withdrawals are fairly standard, with a roughly one- or two-business-day processing time before funds hit your account.

The safety of all the dozens of cash deposit options is top-tier, ensuring that the service is among the best of all the sports betting sites and that bettors have no concerns when using the product.

πŸ’¬ BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook Support

The support feature is one of the best aspects of the BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook. Email and phone are two of the more common options, but live chat is the best way to get hold of support. For added reach capabilities, they also have a Twitter account that is quite responsive as well. For the most part, BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook has a responsive support option.

If there is one downside is that the chat isn’t 24/7 like some other sportsbooks, so you will have to wait for business hours to get in touch.

If you have questions about a certain section of the sportsbook, you can contact Bet River Ontario customer support to review your issue and give you the information you need to solve your issue. This customer support, with the password security of BetRivers Canada, is super helpful and is why it’s considered one of the best sportsbooks in North America.

Responsible Betting

It is important to remember that sports betting is meant to be fun. Make sure to set betting limits before starting and when to take a step back. If you feel like betting is becoming too much, some tools help bettors keep on track. You can use budgeting apps to create a more reliable budget for your gambling or reach out to any number of resources to discuss help options.

πŸ’― Why We Recommend BetRivers Ontario Sports Betting

BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook is potentially the top sports betting site in the province. Users love it because the platform has some of the most competitive odds in the market, many ways to bet, and a full support center to help players throughout. This is your guide for getting in on the best sports betting action with BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook.

βš–οΈ How Does BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook Compare to Other Sportsbooks in Ontario?

BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook compares favourably to the other sportsbooks in the area. They have some of the most competitive odds on the market and include comprehensive coverage of various sports like hockey, football, basketball, and more. There is a lot to like, whether you are a new player or a seasoned bettor looking for a new sportsbook. The sign-up process is quick and easy, allowing bettors to get started almost immediately. If there are areas in which BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook can improve, it is the app. Some have complained about performance issues, though it does have a simple, clean layout design. BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook is a solid option for those looking for reliable betting options in Ontario.

Overall, we are happy with the sportsbook. It offers very competitive odds on a huge selection of mainstream and small-market sports and leagues. In addition, bettors will be more than satisfied with the number of betting opportunities each competition presents them with. Big highlights of BetRivers Sportsbook are cash out, same-game parlays, and the ever-popular live sports streaming.

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Top 3 Features
  • Great odds
  • Huge variety of bets
  • Cashout
  • Great odds
  • Live Bets
  • Fast payouts
  • Huge variety of bets
  • Some of the best odds
  • Esports
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❓ BetRivers Sports FAQs

BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook is as legit as it gets. It is a safe, reliable place to make your sports wagers.

For most withdrawal types, it takes one to two business days to process and hit your account.

There is a BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario app to make betting simple and easy.

The minimum bet on BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario is C$10. Unfortunately, there is no listed maximum bet available.

Click on the league or sport you want and find your preferred game. Next, choose your betting market (moneyline, total, etc.) and enter your wager amount on the bet slip. Bet slips can be altered to include several single bets or a parlay.

BetRivers has some of the best odds among Ontario sportsbooks.

There are many reasons why you should pick BetRivers Sportsbook. You get great odds on the broadest range of sports and helpful features like cash out and livestreaming.

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