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Who Is The Highest Paid CFL Player?

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The CFL, while not as rich as the NFL, is packed with amazing talent. Most of the big earners are quarterbacks, with Chad Kelly at the top. Players like Zach Collaros and Kenny Lawler also show that the league has a mix of skilled athletes, some of whom face personal challenges but continue to shine on the field. As these players keep giving their best, they inspire new stars to join and uplift the CFL’s reputation.

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FAQs About CFL Player Salaries

Who is the highest-paid CFL player?

Chad Kelly of the Toronto Argonauts is the highest-paid CFL player. He inked a three-year, $1.865 million deal and is having a huge 2023 season.

What does the average CFL player make?

How much do CFL players make? Well, on average, it’s tough to guess. On the high end, CFL players can make in excess of $400,000. The average estimated salary is between $70,000 and $100,000, given that the league minimum for any player is $70,000.

What is the lowest salary in the CFL?

The lowest salary is now $70,000. Before, there were different minimums for American, Global, and National (Canadian) players. This is well below what we see in other major professional sports leagues, such as in the NHL player salaries and more.

How much does Chad Kelly make?

When talking about the highest-paid CFL player, you have to talk about Kelly. He signed a three-year, $1.865 million deal with a $250,000 signing bonus. That deal is invalidated if he signs with an NFL team between December 2023 and February 2024.

Who are the five highest-paid CFL players?

When talking about the highest-paid CFL player, the top 5 in 2024 include Chad Kelly, Zach Collaros, Bo Levi Mitchell, Trevor Harris and Jeremiah Masoli.

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