Bet99 Partners with GeoComply to Boost Geolocation Rates

Geolocation plays a pivotal role in regulated sports betting and online casino gaming in Ontario. Accurately verifying that a user is within provincial boundaries is essential for ensuring the compliance of sportsbooks and online casinos.

In a move to bolster its geolocation services, Bet99 has teamed up with GeoComply, a leading provider of geolocation and anti-fraud solutions. This collaboration designates GeoComply as the official geolocation supplier for the prominent sportsbook.

A Strengthened Alliance

Bet99, a Canadian operator, has selected GeoComply as its partner in Ontario. This alliance aims to ‘enhance customer experience, compliance, and revenue by utilizing technology that streamlines the player experience and boosts conversion rates.’

GeoComply’s solution enables both desktop and mobile players to instantly verify their location without needing to download any additional plugins or apps, all while remaining on their current webpage. GeoComply emphasizes that this adjustment ‘eliminates a significant user inconvenience and enhances conversion.’

GeoComply’s goal is to provide its no-download solution for mobile and desktop users, ensuring operators remain compliant and safeguarded throughout the player’s journey. This means protection begins at registration, continues during deposits and withdrawals, and guarantees that entities like Bet99 are shielded from potential fraud.

Their fraud detection services will counteract account takeovers, identify spoofing devices, mitigate bonus misuse, and defend against other potentially fraudulent activities.

Beyond Mere Compliance

GeoComply’s partnership with Bet99 is significant, given its stature in the geolocation sector. Collaborating with industry giants like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM, the vast amount of data GeoComply collects positions it to discern major industry patterns.

Frequently, GeoComply’s data is harnessed to detect trends related to significant events, such as the surge in Super Bowl betting. The insights they offer can forecast the losses incurred in regions lacking legal sports betting avenues.

However, it’s not just about compliance, which can result in hefty penalties. Failure to validate a customer’s location within a jurisdiction may deter potential bettors from legally placing their wagers. Such limitations might drive them to unauthorized or illicit sports betting platforms. GeoComply recently projected that regions without legal sports betting options miss out on hundreds of millions in tax revenue.

The U.S. sports betting market has already produced vast amounts of data, especially following the surge in activity due to the recent introduction of online sports betting platforms.

GeoComply’s Prospects

Beyond the evident financial incentives of partnering with another leading sportsbook, this partnership allows GeoComply to expand its comprehensive data collection, particularly in Canada.

Undoubtedly, Ontario’s sports betting market is Canada’s crown jewel and ranks among North America’s largest. Greater access to this market enables GeoComply to better serve the sports betting community. More crucially, it can ensure a safer customer experience while promoting compliant operations.

The Ontario sports betting scene has been quite profitable, but enhancements are always possible. Collaborating with GeoComply is a strategic move for Bet99, promising a more efficient operation and a safer environment for its clientele.

Voices from Bet99 and GeoComply

Commenting on the partnership, Bet99’s CTO, Paul Nyzuk, stated: “We are excited to partner with GeoComply. They have more experience than any other geolocation provider and a commitment to innovation, as evidenced by GeoComply’s new No Download Browser Solution.”

“Our priority is ensuring the best player experience while achieving the highest standards in compliance. GeoComply’s cutting-edge technology brings tremendous efficiencies so Bet99 can achieve these goals.”

GeoComply’s Senior Vice President, Lindsay Slader, remarked: “We are thrilled that Bet99 has adopted our new technology, which makes geolocation compliance easier than ever for players and easier than ever for Bet99 to integrate, helping to keep them compliant, profitable, and safe.

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Conclusion on Bet99 & GeoComply Partnership

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The alliance between Bet99 and GeoComply underscores a transformative step in Ontario’s sports betting sector. By integrating GeoComply’s efficient and user-friendly geolocation solutions, this partnership not only strengthens compliance but also aims to reclaim significant potential revenue lost to unauthorized platforms, ensuring a safer and more streamlined betting experience for users.

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