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How Much Do NFL Refs Make?

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Wrapping Up: How Much Do NFL Refs Really Make?

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Being an NFL ref isn’t easy. They’re under a lot of pressure to make quick, game-changing decisions. But the pay is getting better. Nowadays, an average ref makes about $205,000 a year. The top refs? They can make over $250,000. And that’s not all. Playoff and Super Bowl games come with extra cash, sometimes pushing yearly earnings above $300,000. So, while it’s a tough, full-time job, it does come with a pretty nice paycheck and a front-row seat to all the action.

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FAQs About NFL Referee Salaries

Who is the highest paid NFL referee?

Walt Anderson (now retired), Brad Allen, and Craig Wrolstad are among the NFL referees who have reportedly reached a peak salary of $250,000 at some stage in their careers.

How much do NFL refs make per game?

In postseason contests, referees can expect to earn double what they make during regular-season games. Other reports show that NFL refs make an estimated $12,000 per regular-season match.

How much do Super Bowl refs get paid?

Super Bowl referees in the U.S. can earn anywhere from $25,486 to $668,979. The average salary is around $122,079. Most referees—about 57% of them—make between $122,083 and $304,034. The highest earners can make up to $668,979.

What do NHL refs make?

The annual earnings for NHL referees can reach heights of $430,000. This peak salary is generally available to officials with at least a decade and a half of experience. Those just breaking into the field can anticipate a base salary of around $200,000. Referees also benefit from yearly pay bumps and are usually tasked with officiating a maximum of 73 matches each season.

How hard is it to become an NFL referee?

To be eligible for a role as an NFL referee, one must have a minimum of a decade’s experience in football officiating. Within that decade, at least half of the time should involve overseeing significant college matches. Prior to reaching this level, extensive training is a prerequisite.

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