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Delta Bingo Online Review For Players in Ontario

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This operator is licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and operates under an agreement with iGaming Ontario (iGO). It is presented to you as it has passed Gambleontario.ca evaluation criteria according to our editorial principles. You must be +19 to participate. T&Cs apply; proceed to the operator site to read before taking any action. Play responsibly.

Welcome to our official Delta Bingo Online review! With over 55 years of industry experience, Ontario residents are already familiar with Delta Bingo. But did you know they now offer an online gaming site?

We conducted a thorough analysis of the Delta Bingo Online website, considering crucial aspects such as

  • site usability,
  • mobile compatibility,
  • registration,
  • customer support,
  • gaming variety, and much more.

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of what this vibrant gaming platform has in store for you.

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18 Bingo Rooms in Ontario



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3 Days

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Online since May 2023

How to Join Delta Bingo Online

Registering with the platform is smooth and straightforward:

1. Navigate to the Ontario Site – Head to the Ontario site, where the iGaming Ontario logo can be spotted in the top left corner and a vibrant “JOIN NOW” red button on the right. Click on this to get the registration process started.

2. Provide Personal Information – The first step requires personal details like your full name, date of birth, and gender, followed by a check of the casino’s T&Cs.

Delta Bingo Online Signup Step 1

3. Share Your Address – The second step directs you to share your address, confirming that you are in Ontario, Canada and want to play with Canadian dollars.

Delta Bingo Online Signup Step 2

4. Input Your Communication Details – Page three requests your email and phone number and asks how you’d like to receive future communications (email, SMS, phone calls, or post).

Delta Bingo Online Signup Step 3

5. Create Your Online Delta Bingo Identity – The final page invites you to come up with a unique username and password and provide your occupation details.

Delta Bingo Online Signup Step 4

Note: Before you can unlock the full potential of Delta Bingo Online, you will need to prove that you are an Ontario resident. The site will perform a quick location check. Upon completion, your account will be active and ready to dive into the Delta Bingo Online games.

What Games Are Available at Delta Online Bingo?

Delta Online Bingo, while modest in its collection size with just over 160 games, offers an eclectic mix that particularly shines due to its partnerships with top-tier game developers like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and Alchemy Gaming. Let’s dive into what makes Delta Bingo Online a unique spot in the online gaming world.

Delta Bingo Online Slots


Though Delta Online Bingo’s arsenal of nearly 100 slot games seems limited compared to larger Ontario online casinos, which often boast over 500 slots, the selection here has its own charm. It’s a well-curated blend of classic and beloved titles.

Classic and popular titles like Thunderstruck, Temple of Medusa, Big Bass Bonanza, and Assassin Moon are some highlights. These games transport players into worlds ranging from Norse mythology to thrilling espionage adventures. Additionally, slots themed around popular franchises like Game of Thrones and WWE add a layer of excitement for fans.


100+ slot games

Popular Titles


Big Bass Bonanza

Assassin Moon

Themed Slots

Game of Thrones


Delta Bingo Online Top Slots in Ontario

Bingo Games

Moving beyond slots, Delta Bingo Online, the exclusive online bingo site in Ontario, lives up to its name with a plethora of bingo games. They’ve got everything from Friday Nights to Daily Bingo and Jackpots. The 90-ball games are a staple, offering various winning opportunities, from single and double lines to the much-coveted full house. If you love a challenge, the 75-ball bingo games are intriguing, with pre-determined patterns adding an extra layer of excitement.


Dozens of bingo games


Friday Nights

Daily Bingo


Top Bingo Games

Mystery Jackpot Bingo



💡 Expert’s Perspective

From my experience, what Delta Online Bingo lacks in the sheer number of games, it more than makes up for in quality. Though fewer, slot games are some of the most popular and engaging ones I’ve encountered.

As a bingo enthusiast, I found their range of bingo games particularly appealing. The thrill of 75-ball games, with their pattern-matching challenge, is a highlight.

💡 What’s Missing?

Ideally, it would be great to see a broader variety of slots. The absence of table games like blackjack, baccarat, or poker is quite noticeable and deviates from the norm in online casinos.

Does Delta Bingo Online Have a Good Player Experience?

Delta Bingo Online offers a good player experience, characterized by several key aspects:

  • User-Friendly Navigation: The website’s layout includes helpful menus and toolbars. A burger menu in the top-right corner provides easy access to essential features like bingo games, slots, and FAQs.
  • Quick Access to Resources: At the bottom of the homepage, players can find quick links for customer support and responsible gaming, enhancing convenience.
  • Efficient Game Loading: Games and tabs on the website load quickly, contributing to a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Vibrant Visuals: The site’s color palette of purples and reds and the animated elements such as discos and dance floors create a festive and engaging atmosphere.

From a personal perspective, navigating the site was a straightforward and enjoyable experience. The efficient design facilitated easy access to games and information. However, while functional and pleasant, the website’s aesthetic seems a bit too conventional compared to the more elaborate designs of its competitors in Ontario.

Is There a Delta Bingo Online App in Ontario?

When discussing the availability of a Delta Bingo Online app in Ontario, it’s important to note a few key points:

No Dedicated App: As of now, Delta Bingo Online does not have a dedicated mobile casino app for users in Ontario. This means that for mobile gaming, players need to access the site through a web browser.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Despite lacking an app, the website is impressively optimized for mobile use. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, the site adapts smoothly to different screen sizes and operating systems.

User Experience on Mobile: Based on my personal experience, while the absence of a dedicated app is somewhat disappointing, the mobile browser version of Delta Bingo Online does not fall short in providing a good gaming experience. The site’s mobile version maintains the essential features and user-friendliness of the desktop version.

Advantages of Browser Play: Not having a dedicated app has its upsides. It eliminates the need for additional downloads and saves storage space on your device. This is particularly beneficial if you are mindful of your device’s memory capacity or prefer not to install many apps.

While Delta Bingo Online lacks a dedicated mobile app, it compensates with a well-optimized mobile website, ensuring that players can still enjoy a seamless gaming experience on their smartphones or tablets. This approach provides a balance of convenience and quality in the gaming experience.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Delta Bingo Online?

Delta Bingo Online certainly presents a mix of strengths and weaknesses in its offerings. Drawing from my own experience, here are some insights:

✅ Strengths

Professional 24/7 Customer Support: This is a significant advantage. The availability of round-the-clock support provides a sense of reliability and assurance.

💡 Whenever I needed assistance or had inquiries, the customer support team was prompt and helpful, making the experience more pleasant and stress-free.

Quality Game Library: Although the number of games is modest, the quality is notable. The selection includes popular titles from renowned developers, ensuring each game is engaging and well-crafted.

💡 During my gaming sessions, I found the games entertaining and of high quality, compensating for the limited number.

Efficient Registration Process: The onboarding process for new players is streamlined and user-friendly.

💡 I found the registration to be quick and hassle-free, allowing me to start playing without any unnecessary delays.

Land-Based Sites Presence: Having over a dozen land-based gaming sites adds credibility and a sense of trustworthiness to their online presence.

💡 This aspect gave me more confidence in their online platform.

❌ Drawbacks

Limited Payment Options: The casino offers only three payment methods, which can be a drawback for players looking for more flexibility. This limitation is a bit inconvenient, as more payment options often mean more convenience for diverse players.

Website Design: While the website is functional, its design is somewhat bland and lacks the visual appeal seen in some competitor sites. The functional aspect is there, but a more vibrant and engaging design could enhance the overall user experience.

Game Library’s Limited Size and Variety: The most significant downside is the limited size and variety of the game library. This limited selection will not satisfy players seeking a more extensive and diverse gaming experience.

💡 As an online casino enthusiast, I wished for a broader range of games and genres.

In summary, Delta Bingo Online excels in customer support and the quality of its game selection. However, it faces limitations in payment options, website design, and the breadth of its game library.

While reliable and user-friendly, Delta Bingo online will benefit from improvements in certain areas to cater to a wider range of player preferences.

  • Popular games from top developers Thumbs-Up
  • The only online bingo casino in Ontario Thumbs-Up
  • Land-based bingo rooms Thumbs-Up
  • Efficient registration process Thumbs-Up
  • Professional 24/7 customer support Thumbs-Up
  • Only three payment options Thumbs-Down
  • Limited number of games and game genres Thumbs-Down
  • Bland website design Thumbs-Down

What Payment Options Are Accepted at Delta Online Bingo?

Delta Online Bingo’s payment options are limited, especially when compared to the broader range of methods offered by other online casinos in Ontario.

At present, they only accept two payment methods: Visa/Mastercard and Interac. This selection, while popular among many Canadian casino players, doesn’t quite match up to the variety offered by competitors.

💡 Most other casinos in the region offer additional options like e-wallets – iDebit, InstaDebit, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal – which are known for their quick processing times.

Delta Online Bingo Deposits

From my experience, the use of Visa/Mastercard and Interac at Delta Online Bingo was straightforward and reliable. However, the lack of e-wallet options, which I often prefer for their speed and ease of use, was a noticeable limitation.

On the upside, Delta Bingo Online has a low minimum deposit of just $10, which is ideal for players not looking to invest heavily.

All deposits are processed instantly, allowing players to dive into gaming without delay.

This immediacy in processing deposits is a significant plus, making the platform accessible and convenient for those ready to play immediately after funding their accounts.

Deposit Method


Min. Deposit


Deposit Time


Deposit Method


Min. Deposit


Deposit Time


Delta Online Bingo Withdrawals

If you’re looking to cash out your winnings at Delta Online Bingo, the process is pretty straightforward, but it’s good to know what to expect in terms of options and timing.

  • Similar to Deposits: Just like with deposits, you can withdraw using Visa/Mastercard, Interac, or bank transfers.
  • Quick Tip: For the fastest access to your winnings, choose Interac. It usually processes within 1-3 business days.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10, which is the same as the minimum deposit amount. This consistency is helpful for managing your gaming budget.

Delta Online Bingo Payout Speed

Unfortunately, Delta Bingo Online does not make the cut for the fastest payout online casinos in Ontario. Both the available withdrawal methods and the payout speeds for each are well below average compared to other Ontario casinos. Most of their competitors offer more variety and quicker payouts, as you rarely see up to 5 or 7 business days for bank transfers or bank cards, though it’s not completely unheard of.

Withdrawal Method


Min. Payout


Payout Speed

24 - 72 Hours

Withdrawal Method


Min. Payout


Payout Speed

1 - 5 Days

Withdrawal Method

Bank Transfer

Min. Payout


Payout Speed

2 - 7 Days

My Experience with Withdrawals

While the choices for withdrawing your winnings at Delta Online Bingo aren’t vast, they are straightforward and reliable. Interac stands out as the fastest option, which I personally found convenient for quick access to winnings. Expanding their methods will enhance flexibility for players, but the current options do cover the basics effectively.

  • Interac’s Speed: I found using Interac to be the quickest way to get my winnings. It’s efficient and usually takes just a couple of days.
  • Bank Transfers: These can take a bit longer, up to a week. It’s a reliable option, but requires a bit more patience.
  • Bank Cards: Withdrawals to Visa/Mastercard take about five business days. It’s pretty standard but not as quick as Interac.

How to Contact Delta Online Bingo Customer Support

Contacting customer support at Delta Online Bingo is a straightforward process, offering two main channels: live chat and email, both available 24/7. Each method caters to different types of inquiries, ensuring that players have access to help whenever they need it.

💬 Live Chat for Quick Queries

Ideal for Immediate Assistance: Live chat is the go-to option for quick questions or issues.

My Experience: While Delta Online Bingo promises a connection within 2 minutes, I experienced a wait time of nearly 10 minutes before connecting with an agent. This was a bit longer than expected, but once connected, the service was efficient. The agent I interacted with was prompt, professional, and knowledgeable, quickly addressing my concerns.

📧 Email for More Complex Issues

Better for Detailed Inquiries: Email support is best suited for more serious or complex issues that might require detailed responses.

Response Time: Typically, email responses take around 24 hours. This is a standard turnaround time for email support in most online services.

❓ Additional Support Options

FAQ Section: Delta Online Bingo also offers a comprehensive FAQ section, presented as a “How To” hub. This section is quite resourceful, covering a wide range of topics from registration and mobile compatibility to banking and security. It’s a great first stop for finding answers to common questions.

Formal Complaints: For more formal issues, there’s an option to submit a complaint form. However, you need to be logged into your account to access this feature.

Live Chat

Available 24/7




Contact form

How To

Complaint Form

Can You Trust Delta Online Bingo?

Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Delta Bingo Online isn’t just a gaming service; they’re a commitment to fun, fairness, and fantastic experiences.

The operation behind this service, Delta iGaming Inc., is licensed and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), a significant factor in establishing its credibility.

  • Regulated and Licensed: Knowing that Delta Online Bingo is regulated by AGCO gave me a sense of security. This regulatory body is known for its stringent standards, which platforms must adhere to in order to maintain their licensing.
  • Game Fairness: During my time playing games on Delta Online Bingo, I found that the outcomes felt genuinely random and fair. This is supported by the fact that they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) for all their games. RNGs are critical for ensuring that game outcomes are not predictable and are fair for all players.
  • Oversight by iGaming Ontario: The games are also overseen by iGaming Ontario (iGO), adding another layer of oversight. This reputable body’s involvement further reassured me that the games I was playing were honest and the payouts were fair.

How Does Delta Bingo Online Ensure Player Safety?

Delta Bingo Online prioritizes the safety and security of its users, ensuring a protected gaming environment. This commitment is evident in several aspects of their platform.

Responsible Gambling Measures

  • Player Support Tools: They provide tools like time-outs, play limits, and breaks, which are essential for responsible gambling. This feature allows players to have control over their gaming habits, promoting a healthier gaming experience.
  • Links to Support Programs: Delta Online Bingo offers direct links to ConnexOntario and similar programs, providing support for issues related to gambling, as well as drug, alcohol, and mental health concerns. This is a thoughtful addition, showing their commitment to the well-being of their players.

Data Protection and Security

  • SSL Encryption: My experience with their site showed that Delta Online Bingo uses robust SSL encryption for data protection. This technology ensures that all personal and financial details entered on the site are securely encrypted.
  • Financial Security: Knowing that my financial transactions and personal details were protected by high-level encryption gave me peace of mind. It’s a crucial aspect of any online platform where sensitive information is exchanged.

Delta Online Bingo VS Other Ontario Casinos

In Ontario’s online gaming scene, Delta Bingo Online competes with big names like LeoVegas Casino and Casino Days, each offering different experiences.

Delta Bingo Online VS LeoVegas Casino

Game Selection: LeoVegas has over 1,500 games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options. Delta Bingo Online offers just over 160 games, mainly slots and bingo.

Mobile App: LeoVegas has a renowned mobile app, while Delta Bingo Online lacks a mobile app.

Payment Options: LeoVegas accepts various payment methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Delta Bingo Online offers Visa, Mastercard, and Interac.

Customer Support: Both have 24/7 customer support. LeoVegas has been around since 2011, whereas Delta Bingo Online was launched in 2023.

Delta Bingo Online VS Casino Days

Game Library: Casino Days features over 5,000 games from top developers. Delta Bingo Online has a selection of 160 games.

Website Design: Casino Days offers a user-friendly website. Delta Bingo Online has a simpler design.

Registration Process: Delta Bingo Online has a simpler registration process compared to Casino Days, which requires identity verification.

Which Casino Stands Out

In the end, Delta Bingo Online stands out for its easy start-up and real-world presence in Ontario, while for those seeking a broader digital playground, the extensive offerings and diverse payment options at LeoVegas and Casino Days present a compelling alternative.

LeoVegas Casino Logo

LeoVegas Casino

4.7 Rating
Casino Days Logo

Casino Days

4.8 Rating Read Review
Why We Recommend
  • e-sports & casino
  • Huge Live Casino
  • 24/7 Support
  • 2000+ Casino Games
  • Live Casino
  • Fast payouts
Min. Deposit
C$ 10.00
C$ 10.00
Min. Payout
C$ 20.00
C$ 10.00
Number of Games

Real Users Complaints for Delta Bingo Online?

While positive experiences with Delta Bingo Online’s customer support are lauded by users, the negative feedback paints a contrasting picture. Complaints about regular logouts, game issues, and delayed withdrawals are echoed across the critical reviews.
Even though the platform receives praise in certain aspects, addressing these Delta Bingo Online reviews written by real players will improve the overall user experience.

  • Jer (5/5 Stars)– Jer had a positive encounter, praising the customer support agent’s helpful and patient assistance during their gaming experience.
  • Patty Weatherbie (5/5 Stars) – Patty echoed a positive sentiment, expressing gratitude for the helpful support received from the chat service.
  • C.D. (1/5 Stars)– C.D.’s experience was marked by dissatisfaction, citing regular logouts, game reset issues, and extended withdrawal processing times beyond the platform’s stated period.
  • Gisele Manna (1/5 Stars)– Gisele Manna detailed ongoing struggles with the platform, including disputes over winnings, delays in deposits, and frustration over customer service’s responses and lack of a contact number.
  • Helpful and patient customer support and chat service Thumbs-Up
  • Regular logouts during gameplay Thumbs-Down
  • Delays and complications in the withdrawal process Thumbs-Down
  • Frustration over issues with game functionality Thumbs-Down
Expert Review Image

Anthony Odiase - GambleOntario Author

Anthony Odiase

100 Articles

Based on my experience, I recommend Delta Bingo Online for casual casino players who value simplicity and ease of use. Its user-friendly interface and focused game selection make it ideal for those new to online gaming or those who prefer a more straightforward experience.

🔔 If you’re looking for a wide variety of games and payment options, you will want to explore other platforms.

FAQs About Delta Bingo Online

Yes, Delta Online Bingo is legitimate and licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and iGaming Ontario.

Yes, you can win real money on Delta Bingo Online through their slots and bingo games.

To play Delta Bingo at home, visit their website, register, and start playing the available games. Read our “How to Sign Up” section at the start of this page.

There are 18 Delta Bingo gaming centres in Ontario, with the online platform launching in 2023.

Yes, Delta Bingo Online accepts debit as a payment option.

A Delta Bingo session can last from a few minutes to about an hour, depending on the game. We encourage you to gamble responsibly by keeping track of your gaming session duration and loss limits.

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