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What Is Double Chance Betting in Soccer?

Are you interested to learn about what is double chance in soccer betting? As one of the most popular sports worldwide, soccer offers various betting options, and double chance is easily one of the most popular. However, being that not as many other sports offer it, not everyone is aware of precisely what is double chance in soccer betting, even avid sports bettors.

So, if you’re curious about how this unique betting market works, keep reading to gain valuable insights and learn why this can be a strategic choice for savvy soccer bettors.

⚽ Double Chance Betting Definition

In football betting, punters looking to predict the result can back a win for the home team, a win for the away team, or a draw. For example, a match between Arsenal and Real Madrid gives bettors a chance to put money on a victory for either team or a tie. That means there are three possible bets available on all football/soccer games taking place anywhere in the world.

‘Double chance’ does what it says on the tin – it doubles your chances of being a winner. So rather than simply backing Arsenal to win in the above scenario, the double chance market allows you to back ‘Arsenal or draw. If either of those outcomes proves correct, the bet will be successful. Bettors essentially have two chances to predict the correct outcome by taking up the double chance option in a particular sportsbook.

🎫 How to Place a Double Chance Bet

Before placing a double chance bet, you need to ensure you have an account with the bookmaker of your choice. There are a large number of options out there in 2024, and it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting which bookie you wish to use. We recommend checking out our various sportsbook reviews before you sign up for any. It would be advisable to create an account with at least two or three since that will allow you to compare odds and take advantage of any available offers or promotions.

Once you have entered your details (do not forget to read the terms and conditions and make sure you review your rights!) on either the website or the app, deposit any amount of money into your account and then navigate your way to the soccer section. Select the event you want to bet on, and then find the double chance market. This may sometimes be illustrated with the figures ‘1X2’, which refer respectively to a home win, draw, and away win. You should then make your pick, such as away win or draw (X2) and place your wager. Hopefully, some winnings will be on their way!

Double Chance Betting Examples

When it comes to the double chance market, there are three possible options for all bettors:

  1. Home win or draw (1X)
  2. Draw or away win (X2)
  3. Home win or away win (12)

Let’s use a real-life example from the 2022/23 Premier League season, and let’s imagine we are using the FanDuel sportsbook and have completed our deposits for our stake. Liverpool is facing Manchester United, and those punters seeking profits are considering their choices from the three double chance bets available on FanDuel (or other betting sites). Many might decide to back a draw or a Manchester United win. This could be because, while they are quietly confident of an in-form United side coming out on top, they might want to hedge their bets by also covering themselves for a draw in case their inkling proves wide of the mark.

πŸ’‘ Calculating the Odds of a Double Chance Bet

It stands to reason that double chance bets offer lower odds than simply backing one outcome. That is because the wager has two chances of being successful rather than one.

Before we explore the odds of a double chance bet, it is worth briefly touching upon the three different ways odds are displayed: fractional, American and decimal. Fractional odds are widely used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. American odds tend to be employed in the United States. Decimal odds, which we will focus on below, are preferred in Europe, Australia and Canada.

For the purposes of the example, we will assume we are backing a home win or draw (1X) – but you can tweak the following formula to suit your particular selection: odds of home team * odds of draw) / (odds of home team + odds of draw). So if the home team is priced at 2 and the draw is priced at 3.5, the double chance odds would be 1.27.

πŸ†š Should I Opt for a Double Chance Bet?

In summary, the advantage of double chance betting is that sports gambling players can hedge their bets. You might fancy the home team to triumph, but backing a home win and a draw provides additional security. The main disadvantage is the consequent lower odds that automatically follow the combination of two bets into one. That minimizes the amount of cash available for withdrawal, even if the wager is successful.

Advantages of Double Chance Betting

The best thing about the double chance betting method is that it increases your chances of winning. You are covered for 66.6% of the possible outcomes, compared to just 33.3% if you choose only a home win, an away win, or a draw in the moneyline market. Another plus is that the double chance market can be easily found by users of various bookmakers, almost all of which now offer this particular type of bet. One disclaimer, though: check your sportsbook of choice just to be sure!

Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

However, the double chance market is not the best choice for every player. Because the bettor is given two opportunities to be successful, the odds on offer are often low to make up for the handicap taken on by the bookie. Indeed, while a double chance wager reduces the risk, it also minimizes reward. There is still a reasonably high chance of failure too, which is something for people to bear in mind. Tipping a draw or an away win means customers will end up with nothing if the match finishes with the home team triumphant.

πŸ—’οΈ Double Chance Betting Strategies

There are occasions where it makes sense to back a home win or an away win (12), but punters usually opt for double chance when they want to combine a victory for either side with a draw. It is usually better to do this by opting for the underdog and a draw. However, in a country like Spain, where Real Madrid and Barcelona are dominant, there is very little value in putting money on a Barcelona win or a draw when they play lowly Elche. Instead, take up the double chance option (1X or X2) when you believe the underdog has a decent prospect of coming out on top but want to hedge your bets somewhat.

🚩 Double Chance Betting: Common Terms & Betting Tips

As mentioned earlier in this article, the main terms to be aware of when it comes to double chance betting are 1 (home win), X (draw) and 2 (away win). Bookmakers and casinos across the board now offer a huge range of services. If we look at a list for soccer betting alone, there is a variety of ways to place wagers on matches, with more depth on offer than ever before – and it is within easy access online or via gambling apps. Therefore, our main tip is to ensure you are only choosing the double chance market if it is the right situation. This should only be a part of your betting armoury rather than your go-to choice every time.

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Expert's Conclusion: Is Double Chance Betting a Good Bet Type in Soccer?

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In conclusion, double chance betting is a prevalent and valuable wagering option for soccer fans. By covering two out of the three possible outcomes, it offers increased chances of winning, albeit with slightly reduced odds. While it may not always be the optimal choice, especially if there’s a clear favourite, it provides value to those seeking a safer approach.

Regardless of experience, understanding what is double chance in soccer betting can enhance your betting strategy and potentially even lead to some big dubs in the win column.

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❓ FAQs Double Chance in Soccer Betting

What does double chance mean in betting on soccer?

Double chance refers to a bet on two out of three possible outcomes in a soccer match: home win, away win, or draw.

How do you play double chance?

All reputable sportsbooks offer double chance bets, so simply sign up with your favourite bookmaker and start playing.

How do you win a double chance in soccer?

A double chance wager is successful if you correctly predict the outcome of a match. For instance, a bet on ‘home win or draw,’ sometimes stylized as 1X, will land if the home team is victorious or the game ends as a draw.

How is double chance calculated in soccer?

Double chance odds are calculated by multiplying the two sets of odds you have selected, then dividing this number by the sum of the two sets of odds.

How do you bet double chance and both teams to score?

Some bookmakers will allow you to combine a double chance bet with a “both teams to score” wager, but others do not permit this particular combination.

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