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Meet Matt Callcott-Stevens

Matt is an expert golf writer with over 11 years of experience. He picked up a golf club for the first time 29 years ago and has not stopped swinging since. Matt writes product and course reviews for golf blogs targeting players in Canada and the United States. Matt's knowledge of the sport spreads across Golf Betting Tips, Golf Equipment, Golf Courses, Golf Trips, and Game Improvement Tips.

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Matt’s Career as a Golf Writer

Matt isn’t just another golf-betting pundit. He’s been analyzing sports odds and handicapping golfers for a staggering 29+ years.

A passion ignited by his late father, Matt’s expertise extends beyond the past 11 years spent crafting winning golf betting tips.

In March 2023, we were thrilled to have Matt join our team of authors at GambleOntario. He came on board as a Golf Betting Expert Author, and we couldn’t be happier to have him.

Since then, he has offered comprehensive guides and informational pieces for all golf betting enthusiasts in Ontario, Canada.

His expertise and passion for the sport have already made an impact on our readers. We’re looking forward to the insightful and engaging articles he’ll continue to produce.

Connect with Matt

Matt is open to new connections and always eager to discuss golf.

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Matt’s Golf Betting Guides and Articles For GambleOntario

How Did Matt Become a Golf Betting Expert Author?

Matt’s knowledge of the sport spreads across the following areas: Golf Betting Tips, Golf Equipment, Golf Courses, Golf Trips, and Game Improvement Tips.

Matt has been testing and reviewing golf equipment since 2015 and has two years of experience covering PGA Tour tournament previews and tips. He writes product and course reviews for golf blogs targeting players in Canada and the United States.

Matt’s love affair with golf started 29 years ago when he first picked up a golf club. Since then, he has not stopped swinging. As a junior, he played competitively for his school at the World Schools Golf Challenge in New Zealand in 2007.

Matt has played golf on six continents and has acquired a wealth of knowledge about golf tourism.

How Matt’s Education Shaped Him as a Golf Expert

Matt brings a unique blend of academic rigour and on-field experience.

A Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Marketing from the Johan Cruyff Institute in Barcelona complements his competitive athletic background in rugby, golf, and track & field.

This combination allows him to understand sports not only from an analytical standpoint but also from the athlete’s perspective, where strategy and momentum play crucial roles.

Matt’s Expertise: Global Reach, Proven Results

Matt’s golf betting tips have been a trusted resource for thousands of readers and viewers worldwide, from Canada, the US, Ireland, and Australia.

His meticulous research process goes beyond just picking winners. He conducts a “360° inspection” of each tournament, analyzing past performances, weather conditions, current form, potential injuries, and any other news that might impact player performance.

This comprehensive approach has translated into consistent success, with Matt regularly picking the top 5 finishers and even winners.

Let Matt Guide Your Golf Bets

While Matt excels at top 5 and top 10 picks, he understands the thrill of a well-timed winner’s bet. He also enjoys in-play betting, especially 3-way matchups, offering a higher chance of a payout despite potentially lower odds than outright wins.

Matt’s dedication to research, combined with his academic background and athletic experience, provides you with a winning edge in the world of golf betting.

How Is It Like Working with Matt?

Not only is Matt an exceptional golf writer, but he is also a pleasure to work with. Many other professionals and clients have praised his work and his professionalism.

These comments are published on Matt’s website,

Here are some of the things they had to say about him:

“Matt has done phenomenal work. He is a highly recommended, skilled, and knowledgeable writer. One of the best writers I’ve ever worked with, and it has been a pleasure collaborating with him.” – Karlis (Client)

“We needed a seasoned writer who knows the golf industry to promote a golf book. Matt was a perfect fit. He provided a book launch marketing strategy and language to reach golf professionals and influencers. Matt is an excellent communicator and was always there when I needed his expertise.” – Jiyoung (Client)

“I had the opportunity to work with Matt on my first project, which was a pleasure. He is an excellent writer, and I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him. I’d be happy to work with Matt again, and I highly recommend him for any projects you may have!” – Chad (Golf Author)

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