What Is Round Betting in Boxing? — Round Betting Explained

The most common bet types in boxing are moneyline bets, and they’re all about the winner of the fight. However, there are several other wager types, such as round betting, which are also popular betting markets. But what exactly is round betting in boxing, and how can you utilize it to make a larger profit?

📖 Round Betting Explained

Round bets are special proposition (“prop”) bets commonly found in combat sports, such as boxing. Round betting revolves around predicting certain events or when a particular thing will happen during a boxing match. For example, you can place a round bet on when a match will finish or the style in which a fighter will win. For your round betting to be successful, you must be well-versed in boxing matches and knowledgeable about each fighter.

🥊 Types of Round Betting

Round betting can range from being very simple to incredibly complicated. There are several round bet types to choose from, including:

  • Total rounds (Over/Under)
  • Whether the fight goes the distance
  • Winning method

Wager Types

When you try to place a round bet for a boxing match, you’ll find multiple options allowing for specific outcomes to accommodate all bettors. Not to mention that some sportsbooks may offer even more specialized wager types. Still, there are some round bet types that you’ll be able to find on almost any bookmaker, and they are usually the most popular ones.

Method of Victory

The “Method of Victory” bet is one of the most common round bet types. It refers to the exact method with which a fighter will win the match. The options you have for the method of victory are:

  • Decision or technical decision
  • Knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), or disqualification
  • Draw or technical draw

The method of victory can be very profitable when you bet on fighters with a proven track record. For example, a fighter like Artur Beterbiev, who’s won all his fights with knockouts, is more likely to win by knockout or technical knockout. This is a situation where this bet type would be used.

Exact Round

The “Exact Round” betting market is another popular type of round bet where you choose the exact round the fight will end or the exact round a fighter will win. Exact round bets usually have very high odds and can be really profitable. For instance, if you bet on Beterbiev to win against Yarde in round five, you’ll get much higher odds than betting on the traditional moneyline betting market.

Total Number of Rounds

The “Total Number of Rounds” is also known as over/under betting, and it’s common in all sports, including boxing. You’ll see a certain number of rounds, and you need to predict whether the fight will go over or under the number of rounds proposed. For instance, in the Beterbiev vs Yarde fight, the line for the total rounds was set at 5.5, with the over being the favourite.

Grouped Round Betting

“Grouped Round Betting” combines the benefits of the “Exact Round” bet and the safety of multiple rounds. In this type of boxing betting, you can choose a range of rounds during which the fight will end, or a certain fighter will win. For example, in the bout between Beterbiev and Yarde, you can bet on Beterbiev to win in rounds 1-4. This gives much better odds than betting on a simple win, especially if you believe the fight won’t last very long.

Will the Fight Go the Distance?

This bet type is straightforward and refers to whether the fight will last for all 12 rounds. If you bet on the fight to go the distance, all rounds need to be completed for your bet to win. Remember that the odds for this bet type depend on the duration of a match. For instance, if a boxing match is set to last for only ten rounds instead of 12, it’s more likely for the fight to go the distance.

📋 Strategies for Round Betting

For round betting to be a profitable strategy, it’s essential to do a lot of research. You need to consider all aspects of the fight, like the fighters’ styles and winning records, and study their previous bouts. Find out when each fight ended and the methods of victory each time. This way, you can make more educated guesses about whether a match will finish early or go the distance. In the end, you should always consider the added risk of round betting. Round bets have higher odds than moneyline picks, but they’re also much harder to win. Therefore, always place your round bets, knowing you’re risking a lot to gain a hefty profit.

🎌 Real-Life Examples of Round Betting

For a real-life example of how to approach round betting, let’s examine the Beterbiev vs Yarde fight. Both fighters have an excellent win record and a 100% and 96% knockout percentage, respectively. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the fight won’t go the distance. Since Yarde is considered an underdog, you could get great odds for a Yarde win via KO or TKO. But, if you do not want to mess around with the winner, you can bet on the total rounds the fight will last. If you believe it’ll end early, betting the under on the total rounds market may prove very profitable.

🏆 Popular Boxing Round Betting Events

When it comes to round betting in boxing, sometimes a specific rivalry can offer an excellent chance for a profitable bet. For instance, let’s consider the legendary rivalry between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Before their initial fight, both rivals came in undefeated, and their first bout ended in a draw. The second and third fights were won decisively by Fury through knockout. Therefore, if a fourth fight were to happen, it would be a great opportunity to place a round bet on a knockout win for Tyson Fury.

🏷️ Round Betting Odds

The best sportsbooks in Ontario will offer odds for all popular boxing matches. When a boxing bout has a strong favourite, moneyline odds can be around -1000, -3000, or even -5000 for that fighter to win. That’s where round-betting odds can be beneficial. Since they are very specific bets, exact round betting odds are usually +1000 or more and can reach up to +6000. But always remember that the higher the odds, the larger the risk you’re taking.

💡 Round Betting Tips

You need to consider many things before you place round bets, but some small tips can help you gain an advantage. Consider the weight class of the fight. Heavier fighters usually deal harder blows and are much more likely to score early knockouts. The fight’s referee is also important, as some officials tend to allow fighters to brawl it out more before calling off a fight. Finally, and arguably most importantly, is a fighter’s record. For instance, a fighter like Beterbiev, with a 100% knockout ratio, will almost certainly win his fights through KO or TKO.

🚀 Is Round Betting a Good Bet Type for Boxing?

In conclusion, while round betting can be slightly more complicated than a moneyline bet, it can also be very profitable. This is because the bookies usually put out high odds for specific round bets, and it’s your chance to earn large amounts by risking very little. Still, you should always do thorough research on a fight before placing a round bet and understand that you’re taking a considerable risk for a large reward.

❓ Round Betting FAQs

Round betting in boxing is when you bet on specific events and when they will happen in a bout. For example, you can place a round bet on the exact round a fighter will win or whether they will win through knockout or decision.

In boxing and other combat sports, you can bet on a fighter to win in a specific round for increased odds. You can also bet on which round a fight will end, regardless of the eventual winner.

Group round betting in boxing is when you predict a fighter to win within a preselected range of rounds. For example, a sportsbook may offer odds for a fighter to win in rounds 1-4. If they end up winning in one of the first four rounds, your bet wins.

Boxing bets are very similar to other sports bets but also have some exclusive wager types. While you can bet on the moneyline like in any sport, you can also place a round bet where you predict the exact round a fighter wins or the total rounds for the fight.

Usually, a boxing round will end in favour of one fighter with a score of 10-9. However, there are some cases where there isn’t a clear advantage for any fighter within a specific round. In that case, the round ends in a draw with a score of 10-10.

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