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What Is Round Betting in Boxing? — Round Betting Explained

❓ Round Betting FAQs

What is round betting in boxing?

Round betting in boxing is when you bet on specific events and when they will happen in a bout. For example, you can place a round bet on the exact round a fighter will win or whether they will win through knockout or decision.

Can you bet who wins a round in boxing?

In boxing and other combat sports, you can bet on a fighter to win in a specific round for increased odds. You can also bet on which round a fight will end, regardless of the eventual winner.

What does group round betting mean in boxing?

Group round betting in boxing is when you predict a fighter to win within a preselected range of rounds. For example, a sportsbook may offer odds for a fighter to win in rounds 1-4. If they end up winning in one of the first four rounds, your bet wins.

How does betting on boxing work?

Boxing bets are very similar to other sports bets but also have some exclusive wager types. While you can bet on the moneyline like in any sport, you can also place a round bet where you predict the exact round a fighter wins or the total rounds for the fight.

Can boxing rounds be a draw?

Usually, a boxing round will end in favour of one fighter with a score of 10-9. However, there are some cases where there isn’t a clear advantage for any fighter within a specific round. In that case, the round ends in a draw with a score of 10-10.

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