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Who is Chad Johnson? From Football to Boxing

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Boxing Expert's View on Chad Jonhson's Boxing Career

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Chad Johnson’s transition to boxing was a special event that would change the sport for the better. Will we see him fighting again? We wouldn’t rule it out. However, we also wouldn’t expect him to become a full-time professional boxer.
Still, one thing’s for certain: Chad Johnson set a great example that just because an athlete retires from one sport, it doesn’t mean he can’t excel in another.

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FAQs About Chad Johnson

Who is Chad Ochocinco boxing?

Chad Johnson, formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, is a retired NFL athlete who made his boxing debut in 2021 against professional boxer and MMA fighter Brian Maxwell. Since the fight was an exhibition bout and no knockout occurred, there was no official winner.

What inspired Chad Johnson to start boxing?

Chad Johnson was always a fan of boxing and employed boxing training schemes throughout his preseason preparation. His love for the sport inspired him to accept the challenge to fight Brian Maxwell in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul undercard. Plus, as Mayweather’s manager Leonard Ellerbe disclosed, the potential one-million contract definitely helped sway the former athlete.

What does Chad Johnson do today?

Since his boxing debut in 2021, Chad Johnson hasn’t competed in an official boxing match. Instead, the retired athlete has pursued several side projects, including becoming a reality TV star in the TV show “Selling Tampa,” which premiered on Netflix in late 2021. “Ocho” is also an athletics consultant and advisor for Florida A&M University.

How much did Chad Johnson make in a boxing match?

In the world of boxing, most fighters sign lucrative contracts for each boxing match, and the same holds true for celebrities like Chad Johnson, who enter the boxing ring. According to reports from the manager of Floyd Mayweather, Johnson was set to sign a contract for $1 million for his fight against Brian Maxwell.

What is Chad Johnson’s boxing record?

Since Chad Johnson participated in a single exhibition match, he has zero wins and losses for his boxing record. His opponent, Brian Maxwell, had a 0-3 record in bare-knuckle fighting and a 0-1 record in standard boxing at the time.

Has Chad Johnson fought any notable opponents?

Chad Johnson has only boxed against one opponent, Brian Maxwell, as part of the undercard in the Mayweather vs. Paul fight on June 6, 2021. While Maxwell was by no means a notable boxer, he was still a professional in the sport for many years, which made him a noteworthy opponent for Johnson.

How has Chad Johnson responded to criticism about his transition to boxing?

Despite his outspoken and controversial character, Chad Johnson wasn’t particularly confrontational to the criticism about his boxing debut. Instead, he focused on his training and stated his intention to be competitive and provide a good show in the fight.

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