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What Is TKO in Boxing? β€” Definition & Examples

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Today, our mission was to shed light on what is TKO in boxing, and I’m confident we’ve achieved just that. Simply put, a TKO or a “Technical Knockout” is determined by the referee, fighter’s corner, or physician to ensure participant safety. Now that you know what is TKO in boxing, you’re ready to appreciate its excitement and relevance in any competitive setting.

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❓ FAQs About TKO in Boxing

What is a TKO in boxing?

A TKO in boxing is known as a Technical Knockout.

How is a TKO different from a KO?

A Technical Knockout is determined by a decision made by the referee, ringside doctor/physician, fighter’s corner or fighter themselves. In contrast, a knockout means that a fighter has likely lost consciousness and is unable to stand back up.

Who is most likely to be TKO’d in boxing?

Which fighter is most likely to be TKO’d all depends on their record and the weight class in which they tend to compete in. TKOs are pretty common in Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight bouts.

How is TKO scored?

TKO wins are scored as a KO victory for the fighter who can hit a single blow or combination of strikes that means their opponent cannot continue.

How does TKO affect a boxer’s ranking?

If a boxer takes the win via TKO, it will add a win to their record and potentially positively affect their ranking. Still, if a fighter loses via TKO, they will get a loss added to their record, which could negatively affect their ranking. It all depends on the situation at the time of the fight, and there has never been anything that is 100% clear-cut in boxing history!

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