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What Does SP Mean in Horse Racing?

FAQs About Horse Racing SP

What does SP win mean in horse racing?

The SP is the price of a horse when a race starts. SP stands for starting price.

Is it good to bet on an SP?

The betting market, like the stock exchange, is volatile, so taking the SP can increase your winnings as much as it can decrease them.

What is an SP bookie?

An SP bookie is a firm that only offers SP prices on horses. This is in contrast to bookies who offer fixed-odd prices or Best Odds Guaranteed for bets.

How can I make sure that I am using “SP” correctly in horse racing?

There is no definitive right or wrong moment to use SP in horse racing. If you are not able to avail of Best Odds Guaranteed, you should trust your instinct if you think the price is likely to contract or detract.

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