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What Does + And – Mean in Betting?

FAQs About Plus Minus Betting

What are sports betting odds?

Odds are the chances of the event in question coming to fruition. Odds help sports bettors place bets on games by offering a potential return.

How can you tell who the underdog is?

The underdog is denoted with the + symbol. The larger the number, the less likely it is for the underdog to achieve the desired result.

How can you tell who the favorite is?

The – symbol tells the bettor who the favorite is. The larger the number, the heavier the favourite.

How much can a $100 bet win on -110 odds?

The odds tell the player how much it takes to win $100. For -110 odds, you would need to bet $110 to win $100. So, for a $100 wager, you would win $90.91 in return.

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