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UFC Weight Classes: Best Fighters by Division

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Conclusion: Recap of UFC Weight Classes

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Though nothing has been talked about officially, there is always a possibility of adding new classes. The biggest gap is between the light heavyweight and heavyweight classes, so a bridge between the two could be the next logical step. Every move made would be with the fighters and fairness in mind.

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FAQs About UFC Weight Classes

How many weight classes are there in UFC?

There are currently nine different weight classes in the UFC.

How many kg is heavyweight UFC?

The equivalent to the max weight in the welterweight division is 77kg (170 lbs).

Does UFC need more weight classes?

There have been arguments that additional classes are necessary, but the current structure covers a range from 115 lbs to 265 lbs. A Super Heavyweight division may eventually become necessary.

Why do weight classes differ between UFC and boxing?

Weight has a bigger effect in boxing than it does in UFC, which is why there are so many more classes for professional boxing.

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