Sports Leagues Advocate for Quebec’s Betting Expansion

The resounding success of sports betting in Ontario has spurred a significant change in its overall perception. This shift has garnered the support of three eminent sports leagues advocating for the expansion of sports betting in Quebec. The Canadian Football League (CFL), Major League Soccer (MLS), and the National Basketball Association (NBA) have reportedly expressed their endorsement for the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition (CQJL) with the aim to broaden the sports betting licence system within the province.

CQJL’s Proposition for Regulatory Change

Initiated in May, the CQHL’s request was to establish a gambling regulatory framework in Quebec, mirroring Ontario’s approach. The three leagues in question are pushing for the trade association to permit private operators to provide sports betting and gaming services throughout Quebec. Using Ontario as a benchmark, the association believes that such an open licensing system could substantially increase provincial revenue compared to the existing single-operator licensing setup.

Preliminary estimates from the CQJL suggest potential earnings of around $230 million CAD. As a case in point, Ontario’s regulation of online gambling through a multi-operator system generated $469 million CAD since its initiation in April 2022. At present, the CQJL encompasses a range of operators spanning both sports betting and online casinos, including giants like Flutter Entertainment, Entain, and DraftKings.

Sports Leagues Weigh In

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has proactively encouraged Quebec government officials to delve deeply into the benefits of a regulated, transparent system that upholds sports integrity and promotes responsible gambling. Echoing Ambrosie’s sentiments, MLS Commissioner Don Garber emphasized the necessity for a system that not only boosts fan engagement responsibly but also upholds partnerships and sports integrity.

Given soccer’s global appeal for betting, he also acknowledged the heightened focus of international betting firms on the burgeoning North American market. NBA’s Chief communications officer, Mike Bass, endorsed a potential open and regulated market in Quebec, drawing parallels to Ontario’s competitive scene.

Highlighting his reverence for Quebec’s rich cultural heritage and the intrinsic role of sports in its cultural tapestry, Ambrosie urged Quebec legislators to recognize the myriad benefits of a transparent, regulated gaming environment.

Quebec: A Fertile Ground for Betting Expansion

The underlying motivation behind this proposed expansion hinges on the lucrative potential of Quebec’s sports betting scene. The Coalition incorporates several notable entities in sports betting and entertainment, such as Bet99, Betway, and Rush Street Interactive (the proprietor of BetRivers).

Each of these operators has tasted success in various markets and now aspires to penetrate Quebec’s thriving arena. Quebec, Canada’s second-largest market by population, would rank among the top markets even if juxtaposed with U.S. states. Given the massive wagers placed monthly in Ontario and considering Quebec’s slightly smaller yet significant market, the interest of major operators is palpable.

The expansion in Quebec might also set a precedent, bolstering the growth of sportsbooks and online gaming endeavours in other Canadian provinces and territories.

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Concluding Thoughts

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Anthony Odiase

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The endorsement from three major sports leagues for the expansion of sports betting in Quebec signifies a momentous shift in the landscape of sports entertainment and economic growth. Ontario’s triumph serves as a testament to the potential rewards both in revenue and in fan engagement. As leagues, regulators, and major players in the gaming industry contemplate this expansion, Quebec stands at the cusp of a transformative era in sports betting. While the potential rewards are evident, the emphasis on responsible gaming and maintaining sports integrity remains paramount. The days ahead promise to be dynamic for the province, its sporting culture, and its economy as Quebec possibly charts its course in the ever-evolving world of sports betting.

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